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Here you will find information about PSHE and RSE at Stubbins Primary School.

Our PSHE Leader is Mrs Mckennell


At Stubbins Primary School we pride ourselves in the Personal, Social, Health and Emotional support and development given to each and every one of our pupils. We believe that each child should have the opportunity to develop and deepen their own understanding, beliefs and values to enable them to become well rounded happy members in their community and society today.
In 2015 OFSTED placed a greater emphasis on safeguarding, personal development, behaviour and welfare than the previous framework showing a shifting focus within Ofsted which brings the content covered within schools’ PSHE programmes to the fore.


RSE stands for Relationship and Sex Education.  As some of you may be aware, it is now compulsory that RSE must be taught in Primary Schools.  It is important that all children receive this content, covering topics such as friendships and how to stay safe.  The Relationships Element to RSE is statutory, however parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from Sex Education content.  Any requests for children to be withdrawn from such lessons should be made in writing to the Head.

Here at Stubbins, we follow the program from the Coram Life Education company.   There are actually,  only 2  lessons (both in Year 6) which include Non-Statutory elements and your child has the right to be withdrawn from.  Details of the SCARF scheme and the Coram Life Education company can be found on their website.


On this page under the document section there is a full overview of what we intend to cover for the academic year (named as YEAR OVERVIEW)  and at the top in green are the notes that our staff have decided upon.  Teachers will decide when to teach the different topics based upon their individual classes.  There is also a full overview in table form which gives information about Yearly content that is taught - named as "Table Overview."

There is also a booklet "Guide to Parents"  which is helpful.


The delivery of PSHE and RSE is nothing new to Stubbins and it is a subject that we strive to continuously develop further.  We teach a broad curriculum within these subjects that references many areas such as drugs, relationships, tolerance and online safety.  This continues in the new guidance, along with many new areas of learning.  The teaching of these subjects will be done with sensitivity and prior planning by the class teachers.  Sometimes, joining year classes and teaching resources together.



PSHE/RSE plays an important role for learners with SEND.  Imparting the practical skills, understanding and knowledge they need to lead creative and fulfilling lives and enjoy safe and healthy relationships.

Developing the communication skills, vocabulary, strategies and confidence to help identify  manage these challenges is crucial.  It can’t be left to chance.

PSHE lessons provide an inclusive environment where pupils feel comfortable and safe to discuss issues they are worried or feel anxious about (PSHE Association 2022). 

At Stubbins Primary School we adapt and support all learners to understand what they are being taught in a practical and meaningful way thus helping the children to prepare for their next steps in the world.



In response to the answers to the consultation we will let parents know when we are going to deliver the lessons including the RSE information - thank you to those who contributed.

As previously mentioned, the Sex Education aspect of PSHE is now included in the teaching.  We would like to guage the parental concerns and opinions.  The staff have had several meetings about our thoughts and what we think should be taught at which age.  Under the policies below you will find a letter which went out to parents asking them to complete the question section on this website, which gives you a little more information.   The question section is then under that.  If you could find the time to complete the questionnaire it would be very helpful to us. 

If you would like to chat about anything that is concerning or worrying you please do not hesitate to either contact me through school or email me on a.mckennell@stubbins.lancs.sch.uk

The charity NSPCC gives some very good information and resources for teachers, parents and children.

Thank you very much for your time

Abigail Mckennell

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