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Accidents and Illness

In the event of an accident or if a child should be unwell at school then action will be taken. It may be that a little first aid and sympathy is enough, in which case this will be dealt with by the staff. In the case of a head injury, parents will be contacted immediately in order for parents to ascertain whether the child should remain in school.

If any further action is necessary a parent will be contacted either at home or at work. It is for this reason that emergency contact numbers must be accurate and up to date.

Emergency forms are sent to parents to complete annually in September. When circumstances change parents are asked to contact school.
If a child is absent from school for any reason it is important that the school is informed, preferably by 9:00 am.

Absences that are not authorised by the school will be listed in the register statistics as unauthorised and therefore dealt with under the truancy regulations.

Children on family holidays may be absent from school for up to two weeks per year,  provided that the school has authorised the absence BEFORE the holiday begins.  The school requests parents to avoid National Tests week, usually in May.

Children who are often late or frequently absent without good reason will automatically be discussed with the Education Welfare Officer.

We generally discourage the bringing of medicines to school on the grounds of health and safety. If a child is still receiving medication then he or she should be at home.

There are a few exceptions to this, e.g.  long term illness and asthma.   In these circumstances the medicine should be sent, in as small a quantity as practical, clearly marked with the child's name, the correct dosage and the time to be administered. The medicine should be taken to the Headteacher who will supervise administration of the medicine.

If a child is completing a course of antibiotics but is, in the view of the doctor, well enough to return to school parents may come into school at lunchtime to administer the medication themselves.

If children are unwell then please keep them at home. We appreciate the inconvenience this may cause but a warm classroom is an ideal place for "bugs" and "germs" to spread.

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