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The choir is taught by experienced singing teacher, Mrs Salmon. The session starts off with vocal warm ups, breathing exercises and then a variety of different types of songs and skills are practised including singing in rounds and harmonies whilst developing and expanding repertoires.

The choir get the opportunity to perform in school and also at other venues.  At Chistmas, the choir performed at Lavendar Hills for residents and also at St. Philip's Church for their annual Carol Service. Both were joyous occasions, with Stubbins enjoying being part of the local community.

Choir practice is held every Tuesday from 3.30pm to 4.15pm. It is open to every child from Year 2 upwards free of charge. Choir runs from SEptember until February half term.

As with any club, we do encourage children to show commitment if they sign up to join choir as often the sessions are focused upon a particular event or occasion.


Stubbins Primary School Choir


Dear Parents/Carers

       Your child has expressed an interest in joining the choir.

We will be developing a full range of songs to sing and arranging performance opportunities for the future. We have lots of funand we will be working  hard to improve our voices and musicality.

I would like all parents of choir children, including those who are already members to complete the form below, just so that I know who is coming and who is picking them up. Year 6 children may walk home if I have permission from parents. Our rehearsals will be from 3.15pm until 4.15pm and children will be asked to inform Mrs Salmon if they are not able to come to choir for any reason. 


Many Thanks

Mrs C Salmon



My child _____________________________________________ (name) would

love to attend choir from 3.15 – 4.15 every Tuesday

My child will be collected from the main reception at 4.15pm          (please tick)

My Year 6 child has my permission to walk home                              (please tick)




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