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I hope you are all keeping well and healthy! I will upload your work on here everyday with a brieft explanation as to what we are learning. It will be exactly the same as what we are doing in school so nobody will miss out on any learning :) I will not be uploading work several days in advance but there will be work set every single day for children. If you have any questions please email the y1 email. 

Miss Chamberlain :) 

Friday 24th September 2020

Phonics - Today we will be focusing on comprehension. Can the child read the text and answer questions relating to it?

English - I hope you had fun learning the Giant's threat yesterday! Today we will be thinking of a new ending to his threat. Follow the worksheet provided to help you create your very own version. 

Maths - To finish off our place value lessons, we will be ending the week by looking at the number line! This will include lots of counting and finding where the missing numbers are and trying to solve problems. Powerpoint and worksheet attached. 

Afternoon - We will be starting to learn how to draw self portraits this afternoon. I have included a powerpoint which shows some famous portraits as well as step by step instructions of how to draw a self portait. There is a worksheet to start the children off if you need it. 

Thursday 23rd September 2020

Phonics - We will be revising some of the phase 3 sounds today. I have attached a phase 3 powerpoint which includes sounds and words for the children to read. Maybe they could choose a few words and write a sentence using each of them?

English - Continuing with Jack and the Beanstalk, today we will be focusing on the Giant and his threat!  First of all I will be asking the children some questions based upon the story to check their comprehension which I have included in the files. We will be answering these verbally just to check how well they have grasped the details of the story. Next, the children will be learning the threat by heart and then trying to write it down in our neatest handwriting. I have included this in the files as well. 

Maths - Today we are learning the ordinal numbers. We are learning all about 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc and looking at all the different ways we can write these numbers. The powerpoint and worksheet are attached. 

Afternoon - It is PE this afternoon! We will be doing challenges today - how many hops can you do in 20 seconds? How many times can you run up and down a track in 30 seconds? How many jumps does it take from one cone to another? Maybe you could create your own challenges at home!

Wednesday 23rd September 

Phonics- Our last trigraph of the week is ure. Words - pure, sure, cure, secure, manure, mature. Sentences - Will a farmyard be full of manure? Can a vet cure a sad cow? There is worksheet attached to revise all of trigraphs from this week to complete. 

English -  Following on from Jack and the Beanstalk yesterday, today we will be writing a character profile on one character. Each child can choose either the Giant, Mother or Jack and use the worksheet attached to tell me about them. I have included a word bank to help the children explore a variety of vocabulary. 

Maths- Today's focus is ordering numbers. We will be looking at ordering numbers from the smallest to largest and vice versa. A powerpoint is attached to help the children understand this as well as a worksheet to go alongside it. 

Afternoon work- RE. See the activities attached.

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