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Welcome to Stubbins PTA!

Supporting the learning and wellbeing of our children. Once a child joins Stubbins their Grown-Ups are automatically members of the PTA and have a say in how to raise funds and how to use them. Same goes for all members of staff. Please see below for how we have been getting on recently and how you can get involved.


Current vacancies - 

Class reps for each group: To share PTA notices with your parent/grown-up chat groups, replay feedback or messages back from your group to the PTA - a copy/paste jobbie.

Reception: TBC Year 1: TBC Year 2: Year 3: TBC  Year 4: TBC

Year 5: Clare Waterfall-Hallam Year 6: Sarah Stansfield

Accountant - to sign off our annual accounts each year

Vice Chair - Committee Role


UPCOMING EVENTS:           SPORTS DAY - Thursday 23rd June

Refereshments for spectators available from the PTA stall at tomorrow's Sports Day.
If you have any pitchers/ large jugs you can loan us please let a member of the PTA know.
If you can help on the stall please present yourself at the stall tomorrow, thanks!
Please share with your class chat groups!
Please note - these are for spectators only - children are not allowed over to our side of the field and grown-ups are not allowed over to the kids area. Health and Safety, Safeguarding etc. 



At the bottom of this page you will find the file with the minutes of the last PTA meeting.




Jubilee BBQ - £1,212.98 raised at the BBQ.

A huge thank you to all those who attended the event and special kudos for all who planned, sourced, baked, cooked, donated, decorated, carried, sold, counted, tidied, crafted, face painted, filled, washed, loaned, judged, refereed, cut and served. We cannot do these events without you all, if you have any feedback as to how we can make the next one EVEN BETTER, please let us know and if you can, attend the next planning meetings.
Spring Disco -

Thank you to all those who supported the Spring Disco 2022, we raised an impressive £550.87 which will go towards our committment to raise enough money to subside the leavers' presents and school trips for this year. Last year we donated £1800 for the trips and after a quite period of fundraising due to Covid restrictions, we were fearful we couldn't help out this year, but your support and donations are giving us hope for 2023 so we'd like to give a huge thank you.

October 2021 - We raised £410 (£393.35 after JustGiving Fees) possibly more from Bank Transfer donations, just awaiting bank statement, with the Pumpkin Trail - thank you all those who volunteered and carved a pumpkin, to those who donated and everyone who came out and supported this fun event. Pictures have been uploaded into the facebook group so feel free to have a look there.

Covid-19 - Fundraising is difficult in the time of a pandemic, especially in a high-risk area, we have had many restrictions that stopped our usual efforts. However, this did not stop all our fun nor did it stop our commitment. We continued to look for alternative ways to raise money and have fun, it just looked a little different to previous years and unfortunately was not as fruitful. With the removal of restrictions, we are cautiously returning to events to try and catch up on our drained funds. If you have any worries about returning to public events, please let’s have a conversation about what we might be able to do to make this more comfortable and accessible.

Donations - Voluntary donations are a way that we can provide the financial support for enhanced learning, equipment, software, entertainment etc.

You can do bank transfer: BACS: s/c 162923 a/c 12081920 name: Stubbins CPS PTA

Volunteering - If you have an idea that would benefit from PTA funds or an idea of how to raise funds, please contact us: PTAstubbins@gmail.com

We have the following vacancies, please let us know if you can fill them:

Accountant - to sign off our annual accounts each year

Vice Chair - Committee Role

Social Media - Join our group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1594084710894272



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Many thanks, Clare - Chair

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