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Home Schooling WB 6.7.20

Week Beginning 6.7.2020

Our Topic is:

The Seaside


Activity 1

Complete the simple ‘Seaside Counting to 10’ worksheet.

Activity 2

Complete the ‘What’s in the Rockpool?’ simple counting activity.

Activity 3

Complete the missing number worksheet – numbers to 50

Activity 4

Number of the week 7, complete the worksheet. For greater challenge have a go at the Year 1 sheet – the starting number this week is 25.

Activity 5

Complete the Numicon addition to 20 worksheet.


Play addition bingo with 2 players:

Each player needs a 3x3 grid. Both players take turns to roll 2 dice and add the numbers together. Players write their answers in any of the 9 squares on their grid (it doesn’t matter if you roll the same total a few times you still write it in another square.) Once the 9 spaces on each player’s grid are filled the game can start. Again take it in turns to roll the 2 dice and add the numbers. If the player has the number on their grid they cross it out. Play then goes to the other player, they roll the dice, add the numbers and if they have the total on their grid, they cross it out. The first to cross out all the numbers on their grid shouts BINGO! and is the winner.

When adding two numbers please encourage children to put the biggest number in their head and count on the second number. In class we would tap our head when saying the first number and then touch each dot while counting on.


Stick the letter f on one side of a coin for ‘count forwards’ and a b on the other side of a coin for ‘count back’. Shuffle number cards to 20 and turn them face down. First toss the coin to find out if you are to count forwards to 20 or count back to zero. Turn over the top card and count from that card (to either 20 or 0 depending on the coin toss). If you count correctly you get a point. First to get 5 points wins the game.


This week read the book A Letter from Dorset. It is a reading book available on Active Learn, many of you will have read it already. It’s a Red Phase 3, set 11 book.

Read the letter Lara wrote to her grandma. Now tell the story of what Lara and her family did when they were on holiday in Dorset. Try to write three sentences.  Remember to think about each sentence, rehearse it several times so that it is put to memory and then write it.

Write a list of things you would put in a suitcase when going on a holiday. See downloads.

Find out what these words mean and write them in a sentence.

cove, harbour, tide, anchor

Have a look at the photos and write a sentence underneath. Sea downloads.

Have a listen to this lovely story The Secret of Black Rock. Following this link to hear it being read: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN4D2wYSEr8

Ask children about the story:

Why were people scared of Black Rock?

Why did the little girl hide in the fishing nets on her mum’s boat?

Why did she fall into the sea?

What saved her from the sea?

Why did the villagers not listen to Erin when she came back?

What did the villagers want to do to Black Rock?

What changed their minds?

How did the villagers stop boats from crashing into Black Rock?


Activity 1

Play phase 3 Phonopoly see game board and challenge and chance cards in the downloads.

Activity 2

Hide the tricky word cards around the house. Children are to go on a scavenger hunt to find all the words on their tricky words list. I have included both phase 3 and phase 4 tricky word cards. Chose the words that challenge your child and create a list of words they are to find.

Activity 3

Read the phase 4 tricky word story and highlight all the tricky words you can find. See downloads (however this wouldn’t print for me.).


Go on Active Learn and choose two books to read.

Look at the Seaside Early Reading Comprehension. See downloads. Read the 4 simple sentences and add to the pictures to make them match.

Year 1 Reading comprehension for children who are very able in their reading. ‘All About Beaches’ this reading comprehension has three levels.

Topic Work:  The Seaside

Activity 1

Look at the different British beaches. Have you visited any? Can you spot any things that are the same? Can you spot any things that are different? Can you name any features of coasts (cliffs, harbour, cove etc)?

Activity 2

Look at the ‘Features of the Seaside’ sheet. Label the first sheet of the download.

Activity 3

Have a look at the ‘What Can You See’ seaside PowerPoint and guess what is hidden.

Activity 4

Have a look at the different paintings of the seaside I found on the internet. Paint your own picture of the seaside. What features are you going to put into your painting?

Activity 5

Have a go at making ice cream. Watch this 3 minute You Tube clip to find out how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zt1EuIEhvw

It really is simple. Please use the thicker freezer bags that don’t leak! Let me know how you get on. Just like when making butter, watching milk change state is fascinating and gives an insight into how our food is made.


Have a look at this ‘Virtual Sports Day Bingo’ and have some active fun!

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