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Home Schooling WB 29.6.20

Week Beginning 29.6.2020

Our Topic is:

The Seaside


Activity 1

How much do the ice creams cost work sheet (x3, each sheet gets a little harder. Chose a sheet that meets your child’s level of development)

Activity 2

Number of the week is 4 (I’ve also added Year 1’s number of the week sheet to add challenge for those children who are more able in number)

Activity 3

Play the Turn Two addition game. See Down load for rules and number cards.

Activity 4

Complete the subtraction home schooling sheet ‘Using Quantities and Objects They Subtract Two Single-Digit Numbers’ Please encourage counting back to find the answers.

Activity 5

Complete the ordinal numbers work sheet (apologies for the American spellings)


Practise counting back from 20 using the Popping game previously given. I’ve added it in the downloads again.


This week the literacy work is based on the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch following this link to hear it being read:


After hearing the story ask these key questions:

Where is the story set? Draw a picture of where the story is set.

Who are the characters?  Draw the characters in the 4 boxes.

(see downloads for story setting and characters sheet)


What do the characters do in the story?

How does Mrs Grinling send Mr Grinling his lunch?

What happens at the beginning of the story?

What happens next?

What do the seagulls do?

What happens to Hamish the cat?

How do they stop the seagulls eating Mr Grinling’s lunch?


Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch | ofamily learning together

Now let’s act out the story.


Cut out the story characters and story pictures to help.

What could we use to be the sea?

Can you build a house and a lighthouse? (you might just

want to use the house and lighthouse picture cut outs.)

Possibly use a box, a bottle or a paper tube.  Find a blue piece of

fabric or paper for the sea and maybe a chair for the cliffs.

sellotape a piece of string from the house to the Light house

and using a paper clip attach the picture of the basket on the string to make the zip wire.


Have a go at acting out the story. Can you pretend to be as cross with the seagulls as Mr Grinling? Can you be as scared as Hamish the cat when he’s going along the zip wire? Can you sound as jubilant as Mrs Grinling?

Do you think this is a good story? What is your favourite part? Please write a few sentences to tell someone about the best bit and why you like it. You may want to use the word bank to help you. See downloads for the word bank.

Write three speech bubbles for Hamish the cat. What might he say as he was being put into the basket? What might he say half way across the zip wire? What might he say when he got to the other side? See the down load for Hamish’s speech bubbles.

Complete the home learning challenges, see down loads.

Complete the pencil control lighthouse sheet – trace the lines carefully. See downloads.


Activity 1

Revisit er and ur and complete the work sheets

Activity 2

Make up some silly names for the alien using the phase 3 phonemes. For example: pight, doimer, haif etc. See downloads.

Activity 3

Sh, ch, th read the sentence and match it to the picture work sheet.


Go on Active Learn and choose two books to read.

Topic Work:  Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Activity 1

Make a light house from junk and paint it like a real one.

Activity 2

Make a little white cottage to sit on the cliff.

Activity 3

Test some things to see if they float or sink.

Can you find a way to make a stone float?

Maybe make a boat for the stone. Maybe try to make a boat from things that float on the water.

Activity 4

Find out about lighthouses. Have a look at the All About Lighthouses PowerPoint.

Activity 5

Look at the weaving pictures on the PowerPoint.

Mrs Grinling’s basket was woven. Can you find things that have been woven in your house? Look carefully at how it was made.

Have a go at making your own simple weaving. You could use strips of plastic bag and weave them in and out of the netting onions or oranges come in /you could fold a piece of paper and cut slices across it to make a loom and weave strips of coloured paper under and over / You could cut out a rectangle of card cutting zig zags at the top and bottom and threading wool around to make a loom. Look on the internet for ideas.

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