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Home Schooling WB 15.6.20

Week Beginning 15.6.2020

Our Topic is:



Activity 1

Ask each member of your family what their favourite sandwich is. Colour in the right square. Can you tell which filling is your family’s favourite? Mums and dads think of other questions for your child to answer by reading the pictogram.

Activity 2

Complete the 1 more and 1 less home learning sheet.

Activity 3

Complete the 1 more and 1 less that lorries sheet.

Activity 4

This week’s number is the NUMBER 12

Complete the number of the week work sheet and matching PowerPoint

Activity 5

Complete the addition and subtraction home learning sheet.


This week the literacy work is based on the story The Giant Jam Sandwich. You probably don’t have this book! It’s a fabulous story so listen to it by following this link:


Write a few sentences about what happened in the town of Itching Down. What did they decide to do about it?

Read the ‘How to Make a Jam Sandwich’ PowerPoint. Now sequence the pictures.

Write a few instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.

Follow your instructions and make a jam sandwich.

Play a list memory game. “I made a giant sandwich and I put … on it.” Go around each person listing what others have already said and adding an extra ingredient on each time. For example, I made a giant sandwich and I put ham on it. I made a giant sandwich and I put ham and cucumber on it. I made a giant sandwich and I put ham, cucumber and cheese on it. Etc. How long can the list of ingredients get before you forget one?


Activity 1

Revisit or as in born and complete the work sheet

Activity 2

Revisit oi as in soil and complete the work sheet

Activity 3

Revisit the phase 3 tricky words and complete the work book.


Mrs Duxbury has added more books on Active Learn for every on, choose two and read them.

Topic Work:  SANDWICHES 

Activity 1

Make your own bread.

Activity 2


Make your own butter.

Buy some creamy milk/single cream. Put a little into an empty lidded container with a pinch of salt (we have used an empty 1 pint milk bottle with a handle in the past – it worked well).

Shake vigorously for quite some time. The cream curdles and splits and the butter will form – when I’ve done this in class I played music and we shook it to the beat. We passed it around every 30 seconds or so because it’s hard to keep it going for a long time.

Good luck and happy churning!

Activity 3

Have a look at the news report to learn a little about wasps. Parents are to read this – it’s not an easy text, it has plenty of challenging words but it’s quite interesting.

Activity 4

Have a look at the pictures of wasps and bumble bees and see if you can spot any differences or similarities. Can you find out more about them?

Activity 5

Sing along with this silly Bumble Bee song:



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