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Home Schooling WB 13.7.20

Week Beginning 13.7.2020

Our Topic is:

Pirates and the Seven Seas


Activity 1

Complete the counting in 5s work sheet. You could use the 100 square to help you count on 5 more each time.

Activity 2

Complete the pirate themed maths booklet.

Activity 3

Find Colour Count activity. See downloads.

Activity 4

Subtraction to 10 – counting back sheets. See downloads.

Activity 5

Number of the week is 13, for further challenge have a look at the year 1 number of the week, number 44.

Addition Puzzle

For challenge have a go at the addition number puzzle. It says KS1 on the sheet but on the website the Lancashire team are recommending it for reception children too. Have a look, it will be a challenge for some.


ICT Games, Counting Cars : https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/countingCars/index.html

Basically you select the number range that meets you child’s level of development. You then have to move the car along the row, counting forward or back as if it was a number line and bump into the car that is in the correct position. If you get it right it gives you a star and a well done. If you get it wrong you get a noisy police car coming after you – I know some children will love it and some parents will hate it!


This week’s story is Skullabones 5 Minutes to Bed by Richard Dungworth.

Have a listen following this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl5EKP1y4Ic

In the story there were many things the captain gave the crew to do instead of going to bed.

Can you write a list of jobs for the pirates to tick off before going to bed?

What do you do in a day? Write a list of the things you did yesterday and draw some pictures to illustrate.

Have a look at the funny story Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late by Mo Willems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX2joPl8dgo

It’s about a very stubborn Pigeon that just won’t go to bed. He thinks of many ways to persuade the reader to let him stay up late.

Can you think of three ways to try and persuade your mummy, daddy or grandparents to stay up later than your normal bed time?

Write three speech bubbles to persuade the grown-ups (but don’t bother trying them out – they won’t crumble!)

There are two pictures in the downloads to write a sentence about, one is a picture of creatures under the sea and the other is of a pirate on the beach.



Activity 1

Simple Sentence Scramble: have a go at reading the words and rearrange them to make a sentence. The sentence matches the picture. Choose a few – you’ll be there all summer if you try to do all of them! You could cut out the words and physically rearrange them. Many children may need to do this.


Have a go at the game Buried Treasure on Phonics Play : https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/3


Go on Active Learn and choose two books to read.

Have a go at reading the ‘under the sea’ words and find them in the word search. See downloads.

Have a look at the Summer Reading Challenge sheet. Can you achieve a line on the chart – or even complete every challenge over the school holidays! Let me know in September how you got on.

Topic Work:  Pirates and the Seven Seas

Activity 1

Have a look at the Pirates Home Challenge sheet. I particularly like the tasks where you make a map of the garden and hide some treasure. Also have a go at making pirate accessories from household junk.

Activity 2

Go to Pirate School and find your pirate name and learn to speak like a pirate. Have a look at the PowerPoint in the downloads.

Activity 3

Have a look at the Pirate Ship PowerPoint and then label the drawing of one with the correct words.

Activity 4

Design your own pirate flag.

Activity 5

Spot the Difference Seaside fun challenge. See the downloads.


Have a look at the easy ‘Jolly Roger’ song, sing it to ‘Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree’ tune.


Moving up to Year 1 learning pack.

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