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Home Schooling WB 11.5.20

Week Beginning 11.5.2020

This week’s theme is ‘The Farm’.



We are going to have number 10 as our number of the week. We are going to use counters or number facts that you already know to answer number bond to 10 questions. There is a farm themed number booklet to have a go at too.

You can complete some of the maths activities straight into your brown book, for some you would need to print off the sheets from the download or you could request a copy of the sheets and pick them up from school. Any of these options is fine!


Activity 1

Double the spots on the Ladybirds to practice and learn doubling number facts.

Activity 2

Number stories with a problem to solve by drawing:

On the farm there were 6 cows in one field and 4 cows in another field. How many cows did the farmer have?

The farmer had 10 hens. 7 hens were pecking food in the yard. The others were in the hen house.  How many were in the hen house?


Whack a Mole Game

You can set the number steps as 1, 2, 5 or 10. Steps of 5 would help children practise learning from last week songs.

To make the game trickier you could set the number steps to go backwards and set the starting number to fit with your child’s stage of development. Back from 20 in steps of 1s or 2s would be suitable or back from 100 in steps of 10s etc.



Number bonds to 10 songs :

NumTums Making 10


Dog Named 10


Rockets to 10



This week the literacy work is based on the story What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. If you do not have the book, listen to the story on being read  by following this link:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzNIERZUyEM

You can complete the literacy activities straight into your brown book, you could print off the sheets from the download or you could request a copy of the sheets and pick them up from school. Any of these options is fine!

Have a go at reading and then matching words that rhyme from the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard.  You could play this as a pairs game. Can you think of other words to rhyme with each set? - see homework downloads.

Write a speech bubble telling the farm animals what the ladybird heard.

Write words that describe the noises that animals make.

Write some words that describe the way that people speak (whisper, shout, hissed, chattered etc)

Comprehension question: How did the animals stop the thieves from stealing the prize cow?

Create a ‘Wanted’ poster to tell people about the robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len and their crime.


This is the last week of Phase 4. See the daily PowerPoint presentations in the separate Homework sections.


Consonant blends


Consonant blends


Consonant blends


Consonant blends


Applying the consonant blends learnt this week in a shared reading.


See Active Learn website and read 2 more books from the stage you are on.

Farm Topic



Make a simple farmyard plan in your garden/yard using pictures that you have drawn (i.e. draw a duck pond, a hen house, a pig sty and a cow shed. Position the pictures around the space. Use instructions and direction words to move a member of your family (the farmer) around the farm to get to the prize cow in the cow shed (e.g. take 3 steps forward, step to the right, walk around the pond, walk straight ahead etc). Take turns giving and then following verbal instructions. You may want to play this blind fold if it is safe to do so. Can you lead your farmer to the cow shed without splashing in the pond or stepping into the muddy pig sty?


Find out about where food comes from.

Have a look at the PowerPoint that describes where some foods come from (there are no meat references on this PowerPoint) Please do discuss where meat comes from.



Read Grandads Farm together and discuss what you have seen in the fields when going for walks and what you already know about farms, farm animals, growing crops and farm vehicles.



Watch this fabulous video about tractors and harvesting crops.




Play ‘What Animal Am I’ interactive farm animal game. See downloads.

To help learn some animal male, female and young names, have a look at the information PowerPoint. There are some on there I just didn’t know – everyday’s a school day!


If you didn’t get around to making shadow puppets last week, make some shadow puppets of farmyard animals out of cereal box card and stick them to sticks. Make the room dark and using a torch make the animal shadows dance on the walls. Sing ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ whilst holding up the right animal for each verse. Have fun acting out the song.

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