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Home Schooling WB 1.6.20


Week Beginning 1.6.2020


This week, following on from our Jungle theme we are going to look at:

Trees and Woodlands Around Us.

(Next week we will go back to animals and look at zoos.)


We are going to have number 11 as our number of the week.

We are also going to focus on 2D shape, position language and repeating patterns.

All the activities can be done anytime during the week and dipped into. There is no need to spend a long time on any one of these. I’m hoping the money activities and the halving activities can be spread out through the week to fit in with everyday life.

Activity 1

Hansel and Gretel repeating pattern activity.

Draw and colour the missing sweets to make the path complete.

Activity 2

Describe where the fox is using positional language. Children could also write each sentence.

Activity 3

Look at the 2D shape home activity sheet. There are lots of home schooling activities designed to help your child learn all about various flat shapes and their names.

Activity 4

Look at the number 11 PowerPoint.

Activity 5

Complete the Number of the Week 11 work sheet.


This week the literacy work is based on the story The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. If you haven’t got the book, listen to it by following this link:


You can complete the literacy activities straight into your brown book, you could print off the sheets from the download or you could request a copy of the sheets and pick them up from school. Any of these options is fine!

Draw a map of the woods and label the different areas. You could even create some names for the different places. Make sure you have had a look at the PowerPoint about woodland habitats. It might help you with some words.

Label the Gruffalo with his terrible features see downloads.

Sequence the pictures in the right order. Have a go at writing a few sentences to tell the story. Aim to think, put to memory and write 3 sentences (one sentence at a time). See downloads.

Make a mouse mask for the mouse and one for the mouse’s parent. Wear the masks while role playing a scene where the mouse gets home and tells the story of what happened to mummy or daddy mouse. Mums and Dads could ask questions to find out how he was feeling at different times in the day. What would the parent mouse think about what had happened? See downloads.

Some other Gruffalo activities you might like:

Have a go at the Gruffalo activities and games on the official website.


Sing along to the Gruffalo Song


The Gruffalo's Child Music - Deep Dark Woods



So now that the units for phase 4 are complete we are going to revisit the digraphs and trigraphs whilst continuing to learn our tricky words. Please use the flash cards.


Revisit ai using the flash card.  Put buttons under these words: train, chain, brain, paint, plain, waiting, painful, sprain


Revisit ee using the flash card. Read these words and think of silly sentences using some of them:

feet, sleeping,  bee, between, jeep, tree, see, sheep, weeping, beetroot


Revisit igh using the flash card. Watch Geraldine learn the trigraph and find things in and around her house.

Play Pips and Pops (noughts and crosses) with these igh words: light, high, thigh, bright, lightbulb, sigh, fright, right, might



Revisit oa using the flash card. Read these sentences and draw a picture to match.

The boat floats on the river.

I can butter the toast.

The shoal of fish swam deep down.


Revisit the phase 3 tricky words: he she we me you are her was all they my, please use the flash cards. Practise spelling them. Play Quick Write. Take a different word each time. Set a timer to 30 seconds. How many times can you write a chosen word on the page. Each letter has to be clear and in the right order. Then move on to the next word. Can you write this word more times than the last in 30 seconds?


See Active Learn website and read 2 more books from the stage you are on.

Trees and Woodlands Topic:  These are possible activities you might like to do with your child.

Activity 1

Find out a little about the different places woodland creatures live by looking at the PowerPoint in the downloads. When you next go for a walk in the country side or woodland have a look for animal homes.

Activity 2


Can you move like different woodland creatures? Use the animal movement cards in the downloads to help you think of ways- use the words to build your child’s vocabulary.

Activity 3

Different types of trees have different shaped leaves. Go for a woodland walk and spot as many different trees as you can. Use the Tree Spotter Guide in the downloads to help. Collect a few leaves so that you can see the different shapes, colours and types of edges.

Activity 4

Have a look at the PowerPoint about oak trees and how they grow. Can you answer the questions at the end?

Read the Little Acorns story as a bedtime story. See downloads for both.

Activity 5

Watch CBeebies perform Little Riding Hood Ballet on BBC iplayer


Sing and dance along with the Cbeebies Little Red Riding Hood Song:




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