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Educating at home

You do not have to complete all of the things on the sheet, but I’ve put some ideas below to keep you busy. Please log into the school website using the pupil log in tab above to access much more work.


Read a new book (if possible!) and write a book review.

Create a comic strip for an exciting section in your favourite book.

Write a short science-fiction adventure set on a different planet.

Write a diary about how you have been keeping yourself busy at home.

Go through your spelling, punctuation and grammar books from school.

Go onto www.pobble365.com (if you have access to a computer) and write a story using one of the picture online for a stimulus.


Complete the work in the packs provided.


Pick a view from your window and try to create a realistic landscape sketch. If you can’t find a view you are happy with, find a landscape picture online or in a book and try to recreate it.


Design the ultimate skateboard or bike. Think about all the work we have done on forces but think specifically about how friction could be useful.


Try to keep yourself fit by watching video such as Joe Wicks on YouTube. Can you create your own short circuit routine similar to the ones online for the class to try when we are back in school?


Imagine you are a tour guide around Ancient Baghdad. Can you create a travel brochure showing tourists the amazing places to visit?


Log onto our class Scratch page username: Year5Stubbins2020 Password:Stubbins123 and try to create your own game or quiz.


If you want more to do (you don’t have to!!) Twinkle have set up a free month for anyone that wishes to use their resources.  Log on and try it.  There are many activities to do.

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